At ANALYTICSMART our mission is to translate data into meaningful, measurable and actionable insights that drive growth and increase profitability for your business. We provide smart analytical services and solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs and are easy to implement.


We believe that through analytics organizations can gain a distinct advantage, thus increasing their competitiveness on the market. We have developed a wide array of data-optimizing services and solutions to create effective information management strategies aimed at driving results at a lower cost.

Our Objective

We endeavour to boost your organization’s sales and efficiency, while reducing overhead costs, by leveraging the insights, knowledge and expertise we’ve acquired in business analytics over the years. As we draw on our past achievements and ongoing success, we want ANALYTICSMART to be your go-to data optimization solution architect for all your smart analytical needs.

Our Expertise

We are an accomplished and outstanding team of experienced professionals whose specialties include the consumer package good industry, information technology industry, mathematical research and actuarial sciences fields.

Our unique approach is defined by our passion, commitment and the quality of our end products and services. Our team’s multifaceted proficiency includes expertise in information technology research, category advisorship (Wal-Mart), food focus (Loblaws Company Limited), forecasting and trade spend management, as well as sales with various retailers.