Drive Sales & Profitability


This company had been in business for over 12 years and wanted to be more competitive by using analytics

  • Limited internal IT infrastructure and expertise
  • Complicated relationship between IT and Sales
  • Limited knowledge on how to integrate Analytics throughout the business
  • Limited Budget to invest in IT, Analytics or Human Capital
  • Limited tools for Large Sales Rep Team


  • We started our process by understanding the limited resources of their IT department and linked all of the client’s data into our server.
  • The client purchased our Smart Reporting service and we were immediately able to positively contribute towards the sales and profitability of the company.


Client Benefits
  • Reps were now able to login and review their store performances with the Store Managers. The reports illustrated key purchasing opportunities and Sales Rep sales increased by 4% in the first month and 16% within the first 8 months
  • Rep Budgets were set and tracked on a monthly basis
  • Executives and Management were now able to login every day and track previous day sales results. This allowed them to react proactively and ensure that their Sales Teams remain on track
  • A Matrix was set for inventory purchasing and stopped over-inventory exposure
  • Reports and Analysis were sent to Retailers on a monthly and quarterly basis