Performance & Efficiency


Company Sales are increasing but Profitability is decreasing

  • Sales were increasing in double digits while Net Margin was at -2%
  • Sales Team not forecasting properly
  • Limited data available
  • Limited promotional analysis
  • High returns from seasonal busines


  • We matched the client with our Smart Report package to highlight key business Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Being designed to understand and report a business in the simplest of ways, it was clear that the client needed to further build its Analytics.
  • The client then decided to move forward with our Smart Forecasting Module (SFM) and Smart Trade Marketing Module (STMM). Profitability became positive within 3 months of our initial agreements.


Client Benefits
  • Profitability now ranges from 15% to 23%
  • New Forecasting Accuracy Average up from 62% to 79%
  • Promotions and Budgets are tracked and observed within the Sales and Marketing Team
  • Lowest Return Level seen in over 3 years