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State-of-the-Art SMART Planogram Module

  • Unlimited customizations
  • Insightful dashboard summaries
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy accessibility

Client Benefits

  • Our numerous years of research & development work in optimized smart business analytics
  • Our expertise and proven success working with vendors, retailers and marketing agencies
  • Convenient access to our dedicated service team (by phone, email or scheduled visits)
  • Our ability to upgrade and modify our proprietary tools
  • No added IT costs

About Our Expertise

The Team at ANALYTICSMART are results driven Senior Space Planners with over 10 years of practical, hands on experience. They bring a solid knowledge base in space planning and visual merchandising along with strong leadership to work quickly to establish partnerships in order to drive results and efficiencies.

With experience from various multi-channel retailers our Consultants have a strong ability in creating compelling, functional and profitable planograms across a wide breadth of product lines. The Team have an unparalleled ability to quickly breakdown and understand issues, and create solutions that both maximize sales and optimize space. We have worked with major projects from inception to completion, from planogram launches to entire store realignments.

Our Consultants are Fluent in JDA Space Planning as well as other softwares, not only for creating best in class planograms for individual projects or entire store changeovers, but also in creating standalone and one off fixtures as needed for various projects.

how do planograms increase your sales?

A planogram increases sales by determining the optimal placement for each product within the category, as well as the correct allocation of space for each. It is a visual merchandising tool that conveys your merchandising strategy to the customer by having the right product, in the right store, displayed on the right shelves where shoppers can easily find it. These factors contribute to the overall shopping experience, which ultimately drives sales growth.

Each unproductive shelf item is an opportunity lost to a retailer. However, once a planogram is in place, then the analysis of what worked and what did not becomes much easier to quantify, and each subsequent planogram release is optimized.

In addition, a solid and efficient planogram process allows you to make quick and seamless changes to an assortment – whether that means a speed to market innovation or the removal of a discontinued item. There are also store clustered planograms, which factor in differing demographics, shopping habits and purchase cycles. This would allow you to have the best assortment possible for every situation. And by removing the "one size fits all" mentality, you could create planograms for any number of customer traits.