Software Features


• Easy and simple to use
• Intuitive interface
• Integrated Modules
• Customization to your specific needs
• Dashboard summaries

Software Benefits


• Our numerous years of research & development work in optimized smart business analytics
• Our expertise and proven success working with vendors, retailers and marketing agencies
• Convenient access to our dedicated service team (by phone, email or scheduled visits)
• Our ability to upgrade and modify our proprietary tools
• No added IT costs

Software Modules


Smart Reporting Module – SRM

• Dashboards featuring metrics for sales and various summary reports including: POS, store performance, trade spend, forecast, etc.
• Database management for all types of data (POS, syndicated data, integrated data, loyalty program data, etc.;
• Customized reports to satisfy any other type of business need.

Smart Promotional Analytical Module – SPAM

We have developed a promotional analytical module designed to help guide your promotional decision-making process by reviewing ROI, expected sales lift, inventory forecast, competitors’ promotional method, and determine which promo types are best suited to your strategy through the analysis of your overall effectiveness.

Smart Trade Marketing Module – STMM

Because the retail market is cognizant of its bargaining power, we want to help you manage these relationships through the implementation of a fact-based methodology. We have developed a trade-marketing tool to help track your teams’ spending and help you make the “right” budget decisions.

Smart Forecasting Module- SFM

Accurate forecasting is the key to successful customer demand planning. We have developed a brand new tool that will bring excitement to the forecasting task, while enabling your sales to forecast more accurately than ever before. Our module relies on interactive statistical modeling and complex models incorporating both independent and explanatory data.